G.T.S.I. Corporation (General Technology Systems Integration) was established in 1995. It is a California-based company that targets Asia as a main market and is specialized in the industries of semiconductor and related areas, communications, electronics, and other high tech areas. The company has made substantial progress in its transformation from a high-tech system integrator. We are pursuing new technologies and leading market positions to profit our clients and ourselves.

The company business mainly relates to semiconductor silicon wafer fab, including transferring equipment, technologies and products and marketing related products. As a system integrator , the company provides its clients with practical and successful solutions with a series of services from general designing, selecting equipment, installation, training for operation and maintenance, selecting and transferring processes and technologies, product market positioning, training for production management and technical support. According to clients' requirements, the company sets up production lines , rebuilds and upgrades production lines, using existing resources to create the best cost/effective performance.

The company is also experienced in international marketing and sales. Its rich sources, good relationship and wealthy experience make ourselves confident to explore the markets. Its existing sales network and the diligent staff members have made the business successful.

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