G Tech Systems Groups Inc. is a company registered in California, the United States and started its business in 1999. Since being reorganized into a company group in 2004, the company has mainly been engaged in designing high-tech electronic and semiconductor products, transferring production processes and technologies and providing the right equipment for the technologies, supplying equipment and assemblies for the petrochemical industry, developing new types of construction materials and designing theme parks and landscapes for entertainment. The following is the group's main business:

Electronics and Semiconductor 

In the past ten years, the group's subsidiary G.T.S.I. Corporation, which started its business in 1995, has gradually developed and perfected itself with a business range that has continuously expanded from a single area into diversified fields such as electronics, communications, semiconductor and so on. Its business mainly relates to semiconductor silicon wafer fab, including transferring equipment, technologies and products and marketing related products. By means of system integrating, the company provides its customers with practical solutions with a series of services from general designing, selecting equipment, installation, debugging, training for operation and maintenance, selecting and transferring processes, technologies and related software, product market positioning, training for production management and technical support, to product marketing. According to customers' requests, we actively cooperate with the customers and set up production lines for them or rebuild and upgrade their production lines to improve capacities, using existing resources to create the best cost/effective performance.

The group holds an IC design company and LTCC module design company. They have their own products as well as the products specifically designed for customers.

Petrochemical Machinery

We have the experience of providing the users in the petrochemical industry with customized products and related parts in the past twenty years. Based on the existing resources, the subsidiaries have upgraded their production facilities with limited input and, by introducing new processes and technologies, have recently cooperated with leading companies of the world who have advanced technologies in manufacturing pumps and valves, and are able to upgrade and replace equipment for customers and conduct cooperation of different types, including technical support and training, in an effort to meet the market requirement.

New Construction and Coating Materials

G-TEC Company, an affiliated company of the group, has developed a new exterior wall surface insulation & finishing system for buildings and structures. The system is safe and reliable and protects walls from water and moisture and has the capability of thermal insulation. The system has a perfect combination of colors and textures such as marble, granite, brick, rock and concrete. Besides the material, the company also provides training for constructing technologies and approaches. The system is being used in large quantity for exterior wall finish of varied high-rise buildings and decorated exterior wall finish.

With the new type materials, G-TEC Landscape Design Company designs large theme buildings and parks for our clients. According to the clients' requirements, the company provides successful solutions with rich experience for creative designs and fabrication to guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

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